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Not much here, but for now here's my Mac History:
  • Beginning of time to now: Owned various computers, (No PC's), the most recent being an Amiga A4000T (25MHz 68040).
  • March 1998, purchased a then soon to be obsolete PowerBook 1400/c, 603e processor, 133MHz (laptop)
  • August 1998, purchased a G3, 250 MHz upgrade for the power book. Made it one of the fastest laptops in the world, for about two weeks.
  • December 1998, purchased a soon to be obsolete G3 Desktop computer - needed the PCI slots so I could complete my digital audio workstation.
  • May 2000, purchased last year's model of the G3 PowerBook. Works well for me since a major difference is that the one I got has SCSI, the newer ones have FireWire. I'm loaded with SCSI.
  • Since then: A 400 MHz G4 (still in use, and being used to edit this page)
  • an original Ti-Book
  • ~2005, Dual 1.2GHz G5, dedicated to music, running ProTools with a Digidesign Digi-002 and a room full of goodies.
Too much computing is almost enough!

Last updated: April 2007

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