Mirage Mods & Troubleshooting

Hey, let's face it, these things are ten to fifteen years old. Most anything can go wrong. Yet, after all these years, the is one of the most stable and reliable keyboards around.

Here are some articles and other submissions that should help you upgrade or fix your Mirage:

Missing Notes

A sort of rotating or moving dead note? Probably a missing voice (osc. or filter). Check out:

Floppy Drive

The floppy drive is probably the most vulnerable part of the Mirage. Below is information on what do do if the drive has failed or needs to be replaced.


If you suspect your keyboard contacts need cleaning, check out Ted Antkowiak's Keyboard Contact Cleaning Article
. (temporarily unavailable)


If your footpedal is broken or missing, there's this reference from Ted Antkowiak:


You want the #4511 fatsp0 Pedal $15.95.

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