The Squeegie Boy FAQ

1. What is Squeegie Boy?

Squeegie Boy is a rock and roll band, consisting of Bob Aglietti, Bill Chesk, Mike Manlove and Johnny Klonaris. The four of us first played together in January, 1998. Much fun since.

2. What does "Squeegie Boy" mean?

It's a cute secret. It might be what you think... Yeah, that's probably it.

3. What does everybody play?

It goes something like this:
  • Bob
    • Monster Guitar
    • "other" Vocals
  • Bill
    • Thunder Drums
  • Mikey
    • Big Bottom Bass
  • Johnny
    • Squeeky Vocals
    • Tinkly Keys
    • "other" Guitar

4. Where do you guys play?

We play at Bob's house. We don't gig. Well, at least not yet. Why, you got something in mind?

5. Can I join the fan club?

No. Well, send a picture, we'll get back to you.
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