Unfinished Dreams - The Art Work

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The artwork shown above was drawn by Dale Holod, a great friend, and as you can see, no slouch of an artist either.

Dale and I worked closely in the early stages of the cover and worked out what we wanted it to be. There are several images that are direct from the album, other images are impressions and still more of it is, well, art.

We've decided to limit just how good of a copy you can get; the larger GIF file you can get by clicking on the image above just begins to show the level of detail of the original. The details in the tree bark, the individual blades of grass and the dozens of other parts that Dale worked on really have to be seen to be believed.

The original is pencil on paper, 28" x 14". We've given some thought to making lithographs, but until we anticipate some demand for them, we'll hold off for now. If you think this would be a good idea, you can let us know.


16k GIF: My cat
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Sylvia (1980?-1999) was my cat, and does get mentioned on the album, although it's supposed to be a secret. Those who knew Sylvia know that this is an amazing rendition.

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