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Johnny Klonaris is a software engineer who does music. Or is it the other way around? Nah.

For now, let's just stick to the facts:

  • Born: 1956
  • Raised: Belleville, Michigan, USA
  • Educated: BSE, Universe City of Michigan, Eng '78
  • Deep psychological problems: None
Well - so much for being sticky. Musically - ah, I'm going to switch to the first person here - I'm writing this, it's not like my promotional department is churning out this stuff - anyway...

Where was I? Ah yes: Musically, my background starts with clarinet in the school band in fourth grade. A year later I got a guitar which I fiddled with for a while (later I used a pick [sorry]) occasionally playing pop tunes with my buddy Dan who played flute - and still does.

In junior high I switched to oboe which I stayed with into college, with a couple of diversions into french horn and cymbals (yup). Around high school, my buddy Dan and I started improvising and writing our own songs (gasp). This got to be great fun and with our other buddy John, we produced a 90 minute "double-album" of original tunes in 1976 (and no, you can't have a copy).

After I moved to California to start my duties as a newly commissioned lieutenant in the world's greatest air force; John, Dan and I started trading tapes and started work on an album that never quite got done. However, I did start on a course of converting cold, hard, American cash into musical toys.

After my four year stint with the USAF, I got myself a job with a company that keeps me busy but also pays me some of that cash. A couple of years in a band with engineers is an interesting experience and a good way to turn cold, hard cash into ice cold beer as well as a few toys, I mean tools. At this point I've got a nice enough studio built up so that I can produce music that is mostly limited by, well, me. This is good. Mostly.

Unfinished Dreams is the most recent result of all this musical activity. While I'm not marketing it in any usual sense of the word, I am hoping to get web-connected and maybe find a few folks who like it. I'm also hoping to eventually turn out three more albums in the next few years, but this remains to be seen. Encouraging letters can't but help.

Updated: April 22, 2007

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