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Unfinished Dreams by Johnny Klonaris

Unfinished Dreams is an album of original music, that has been called Electronic Folk Rock. The music does attempt to cover a lot of ground, from folk ballads to racous experimental, from semi-classical to electronic rock.

Many of the songs feature twelve string guitar and vocal harmonies giving the album much of the folk music feeling, but the writing and arranging are more in the realm of rock music, with strong roots in much of the British rock of the early seventies. There is an experimental side to the music with some unusual arrangements and decidedly non-folk music instrumentals. For a more, you can check out the descriptions of each of the songs.

Steve Vincent in the Transoniq Hacker said:
So what does he sound like? The Moody Blues. Compositionally and vocally, it's the Moody Blues all the way (although "Stay If You Care" has a decidedly Rolling Stones vibe). Perhaps it's the extensive use of 12-string guitar and wonderful orchestral arrangements, or simply his Moody Blues voice. Comparisons are inevitable, but the shoe fits. However, you will hear hints of all sorts of blasts from the past including some early McCartney ("Ram" album era), CS&N and Pink Floyd. The entire album has a somewhat familiar, nostalgic feel to it that I liked very much.
These influences are definitely on the album, but this is not a professional project. With the exception of the artwork, the entire album project was done by one person. This can be a mixed blessing. For more on this, you can check out some thoughts by the artist.

Unfinished Dreams is a available directly from the artist and maybe someday from other web-based distributors.
Updated April 22, 2007

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