This instrumental was one of the first pieces I started for the album. It quickly grew into an intro of sorts for the song Waiting and for some time the two were simply called Waiting. This one has some unusual stuff going on. The sound at the beginning is intended to sound like wind and surf; both and neither. It's generated from a Commodore 128. The guitars were actually passed through the C-128 SID chip to track the waves/gusts.

The piano section was written the night we decided to bag Twelve Inches Over Tokyo: the best band to come out of DSO (or was it... nevermind).

There's reverse reverb and other bizarre effects. Also, Kurt called me while I was playing one of the synthesizer parts towards the end. I decided to keep it. (Don't listen for the phone, it's not there. However there is a phone on The Ocean by Led Zeppelin on Houses of the Holy - or so sez Todd.)

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