Unfinished Dreams

Audio Samples

OK! The 4MinitDemo is finally back. This time as an mp3 (the original RealAudio was pretty horrible, and it was at 20Mb/sec - which is mighty low). This should give a pretty reasonable idea of how parts of the album sound.

Here's what's included (the links will take you to descriptions of the songs):

  • Prelude - just some crickets - or are they? And some voices, or...
  • For a Loner - a lush song of longing?
  • Waiting - a hint of Pink Floyd, some images and 12-string guitar
  • Serenade - a string serenade in the style of Barber and Tchaikowsky.
  • Shades of Gray - a Moody Blues influenced folk/rock song
  • What Could It Be - a folk song with an oboe
  • Evil Tempered - an alternately tuned instrumental
  • Moments - just the very end of the song and the album, back to...
For all of the descriptions of these and the other songs on the album, you can check out the song list.
All songs © Johnny Klonaris 1995

Updated: July 2, 2007

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