Some of the things that keep me busy, happy, or both.

My Music

Of course, there's always the music.



In the last couple of years I've drifted back into a hobby I hadn't touched since maybe 1972 or so: model and high power rocketry.


My Motorcycles

It started out as a cool thing to do, but now it's looking like a hobby or even an avocation. I guess now you could call it a collection. Almost. Check out my motorcycle page



Well - I held out as long as I could. My Amiga is now packed away and I'm all Mac at home (well, almost) and Linux at work.



I've made the jump from the large, corporate, proprietary software world to the small, startup, open source world. I've gone Linux and I love it. You can see more at the MontaVista Web Site. Been there over seven years now and loving it.


Last updated: April 2007

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