Replacing A Mirage Disk Drive
by Kerry L. Townson

About This Article

I have prepared this article much like a FAQ.  If you know your way around the Mirage's inner workings, use the hyperlinks below to skip to your area of interest.  If you are new to the Mirage, it might be worth your while to read through the entire text.

I would like to acknowledge the gratuitous lifting of facts from the 1989 Transoniq Hacker article by Arthur N. Entlich entitled Mirage Double-Sided Drive Conversion.   You can read that article (with 1997 updated information) on this website by clicking here.

Yada, Yada, Yada (Disclaimer)   Changing a disk drive on a Mirage is rather simple and requires no special knowledge of electronics.  However, the Mirage does operate on 110v AC power which can be deadly if you touch the hot parts while grounded.  Always unplug your instrument from the wall before attempting any repair or disassembly.   Every effort has been made to supply accurate, helpful information that will help you complete this repair, but the author of this article, the owner of this website, and anyone else remotely related to us take no responsibility for damages or injury caused by your attempts to do so.  I will, however, send you a band-aid if you accidentally drop the old drive on your toe during the process, but that's it, OK? (I reserve the right to judge whether you did it accidentally or not.)