Welcome to Mirage-Net

The Mirage-Net is a collection of users of the Ensoniq Mirage. This web page attempts to link you to as much information as there is for this venerable, 8-bit digital sampling keyboard and its rack mount cousin.

Feel free to choose from any of the following:

* About the Mirage
* Go to groups.io (the Mirage-Net list host)
* About Mirage-Net (including more info on groups.io)
* FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
* Mods / Trouble Shooting
* Third-party products, Vendors
* Upward Concepts Disks
* Transoniq Hacker Archive - ALL of them!!
* Computer Software
* Links
* Image Gallery

Hosted by Webcom since 1999. Hosted by sonic.net since some time after that.

Created by Johnny Klonaris for the enjoyment of the Mirage community.