How to order Upward Concepts / Leaping Lizards Software

This is a low-budget operation. Here's how it works:
  1. Send your order stating which disk you want. There is no more P.O. box, the communication is by email. I can accept a personal check, but PayPal is by far my preferred solution.

    With regard to money:

    • Pricing is based on US currency
    • Orders must be pre-paid, no CODs.
      Payment by PayPal is preferred.
      You can use any major credit card, an
      existing PayPal account or pay by check.

      If you'd rather not deal with PayPal, say so in your message.

  2. Remember to include your full address

  3. Shipping is included on all orders.

  4. Pay via PayPal
    When your order is ready, you'll receive an email requesting the money. Simply follow the instructions in the email for payment.

    If I have your order (and mailing materials) in stock (i.e, in my closet), I can usually ship them out in a day or so.

See the Upward Concepts Home Page for the current prices.

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Last updated: April 2007

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