Upward Concepts

The Mirage-Net is pleased to announce the availability once again of Dick Lord's legendary Upward Concepts and Leaping Lizards Mirage software, and all at greatly discounted prices. Many of you are no doubt familiar with these programs. If you're not, you can find out all about them right here.

Leaping Lizards

Super-MIDI Disk

Multi-Temperament Scales

User Defined Micro-tonal Scales

Mirage Monitor Disk

The Chameleon

The Iguana

The software is discounted up to 50% from the original list prices. Order all 4 disks and save even more!

DiskOriginal List Price
Super-MIDI Disk $39.95 + $2.50 shpg.
Micro-Tonal Scales $39.95 + $2.50 shpg.
Multi-Temperament Disk $29.95 + $2.50 shpg.
The Chameleon $39.95 + $2.50 shpg.

New Pricing on all disks is as follows:

1 disk:$20.00 3 disks:$50.00
2 disks:$35.00 4 disks:$60.00
(See "How to Order" below for details)

MirageNet How to Order