Upward Concepts

User Defined Micro-Tonal Scales

  • Explore exotic Balinese scales, quarter-tone and many more
  • Define the pitch of each keyboard key - to within 0.17 cents
  • Sixteen pre-programmed scales included
  • Switch between two keyboard tunings with the sustain pedal
  • Load set-ups from disk - save your own set-ups
  • Harpsichord, Organ Flute and FM Metal Drum samples included
  • Works with all Mirage compatible sound disks
Micro-Tonal Scales Disk

For the totally avant-garde! With this modified version of OS 3.2 you can define the pitch of each note on the keyboard to within 0.17 cents. You can create scales with any number of notes per "octave" or any relationship between the notes. You can then save these on any Mirage disk. Start with any of the included 16 pre-programmed scales and create your own. Experiment!

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